What is Ring AI?

Ring AI is an advanced AI platform designed to revolutionize the customer support and sales industries through the use of voice-based, autonomous phone agents. Leveraging Ring LLM and AI voice technology, it enables teams to upload extensive knowledge bases, allowing AI agents to provide 24/7 support in 18 languages, specifically tailored for the crypto and NFT sectors.

What is the $RING Token Utility?

The $RING token is used for payments of the Ring AI service. Similar to any SaaS platform, Ring AI charges customers to create and use their phone agents. However, we charge only in $RING token exclusively, creating utility and use for the token which grows as our ecosystem expands.

What is the circulating and total supply of $RING?

There are a total of 100,000,000 $RING tokens (one hundred million) in existence. There is no mint function, and no more RING will ever come into existence.

All of the $RING tokens are fully circulating, with no team tokens and no allocations for marketing, VCs, etc.

Are there taxes on $RING buys/sells?

Yes, there is a 4% buy/sell tax on each DEX trade for the $RING token.

How can I create my own RING agent?

Currently the full Ring AI platform is scheduled to go live in Q2 2024, allowing anyone with $RING token to create their own custom agent and deploy with a uniquely generated phone number.

At the moment, we are in Beta, and accepting Ring agent creating requests, if interested please use our "early access form" here: Ring Early Access Form

What technology does Ring AI use?

Our team has developed our own proprietary LLM model designed to cater to the Web3 community and the broader ecommerce sales space as a whole.

In addition to our LLM which powers responses and the knowledgebases of all Ring agents, we use third parties to facilitate the creation of phone numbers for each Ring agent, as well as the live voice recognition and generation.

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