Welcome to the Ring AI platform, where simplicity meets innovation. Our platform offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to seamlessly integrate advanced AI capabilities into your customer support and sales strategies. With Ring AI, you can create, deploy, and manage AI-powered phone agents that are available around the clock, ready to assist your customers in multiple languages. Whether you're looking to enhance customer satisfaction, boost sales, or both, Ring AI provides a straightforward solution, combining the power of voice communication with the efficiency of AI.

Creating an Agent

Starting with Ring AI is a breeze with our straightforward agent creation process. Through our user-friendly interface, you can easily set up a new agent by feeding in a knowledge base about your products or services. This step is crucial as it equips your agent with the information needed to assist and engage with your customers effectively. You don't need any coding skills; simply upload your content, and our platform will do the rest, transforming your data into a fully functional AI agent ready to handle real-world interactions.

Customizable options for your agent include languages spoken (over 18 language options), voice style, accents, personality type and also aggressiveness for promotion and sales (ranging from 1-10 with 1 being the least aggressive and 10 being the most aggressive).

Deploying an Agent

Once your AI agent is configured, deploying it is just a click away. Our platform enables you to assign your agent to a dedicated phone number, making it accessible to your customers 24/7. This deployment process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free, ensuring that your agent is up and running in no time, ready to make a difference in how your business connects with its audience. With Ring AI, you can deploy multiple agents across various sectors of your business, each tailored to meet specific needs and goals.

You can choose the area code of your agent's phone number, our platform will provide you a list of options for available numbers to choose from.

Once the hotline is live and deployed, your agent can begin receiving calls!

Tracking Agents Activity

The Ring AI platform includes comprehensive tools for tracking your agent's activity, including call volume, call duration, and overall usage. This data is invaluable for assessing the impact of your AI agents and for monitoring costs, as our transparent pricing model is based on the minutes your agent interacts with customers.

Our dashboard provides a clear and concise overview of your agent's activities, helping you make informed decisions to enhance its effectiveness.

The dashboard includes total minutes used by your agent when speaking to clients, total cost accrued for your invoice (measured in $RING token), and also the regions that your users have called from.

Fine-Tuning Agents

Our platform allows you to fine-tune your agents based on real interactions, ensuring they become more efficient and effective over time. Through the UI, you can provide feedback on your agent's responses, helping to train and improve its performance.

This process is straightforward and does not require technical expertise, enabling you to refine your agent's knowledge base and conversational skills. By regularly updating and adjusting your agent's capabilities, you can ensure it always meets the evolving needs of your customers and your business.

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